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Home or building restoration requires a highly skilled carpenter who can maintain or match the historic look of a building while upgrading it to modern code.  This is a specialized area of carpentry that combines creative problem solving with superior craftsmanship to make what’s old, new again.  Trey Douglas begin his career over 20 years ago as an apprentice to a master restoration carpenter.  From his first day, he was taught how to apply his skill and creativity to understand the “ghost marks” of an older structure.  He gained the ability to identify traces of original trim and structure modifications that may have been remodeled several times over many decades and many owners. Trey’s eye for historic detail and steady craftsmanship has stayed with him from project to project over the span of his career.

Some of the primary focuses of our restoration work include:

  • Restoring old windows and doors to the style and period of which they were built while bringing them up to modern levels of energy efficiency.
  • Repairing, restoring and replicating detailed wood molding and other mill work
  • Replicating and blending wood finishes
  • Modernizing historic buildings to meet current standards for energy efficiency, safety and accessibility.

Contact us today to discuss your restoration needs.