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Other Services

With extensive experience in the construction world over the past two decades, it can be hard to define all of our areas of expertise. Aside from the major elements such as remodels, additions and decks, we thought we’d go into more detail about our additional offerings to provide you’re a better understanding of the extent of our capabilities.

Custom Room Design:

Finding the right design for your space can be a challenge. It can be difficult to see inspirational photos and understand how it will translate to your home and budget. Often times it takes an expert contractor to be able to marry your vision with reality. When you’re ready to talk about your project, our team will come out to your home or commercial space to discuss your ideas and help you map out your design layout and material choices.


Siding makes up the majority of the exterior of most modern homes. There are many choices for your exterior from vinyl, to wood including various types of cedar, brick and stucco and stone veneer. However, your home siding isn’t just for looks – it’s an integral part of your home’s protective exterior. Old or damaged siding can allow moisture to seep into the construction materials of your home and cause extensive damage to the tune of thousands of dollars in repair costs. When your siding looks great and is constructed correctly, your home is beautiful and safe from moisture.

ADA Compliant Interiors and Exteriors:

As a small business owner, you want to make sure that your commercial space is ADA compliant and accessible to all potential customers, no matter their disability. And as a home owner, you may have a family member living with you that has special needs. We are experienced in understanding how to modify a space so that it’s safe and accessible. This could include, ramps for wheelchairs and scooters, showers and toilets with nearby stability bars, shower benches, lower countertops and wider hallways. Contact us today to discuss your challenges and how we can help you improve your space so that your family members or customers are comfortable.

Realtor Services and Home Investors:

We love working with Realtors and home investors. Whether you are purchasing a home to flip, live in yourself, or you have clients interested in a potential space that needs work, we can help work with the existing structure to improve, upgrade and in some cases turn it into a dream home.

Design and Build Services:

Hiring an interior designer or architect is expensive. And if your project doesn’t require it then leave it up to our team to help you design your space and walk you through design choices such as, trims and moldings, color choices, layout, material choice etc. Our family business was started by a construction expert and a design expert both having worked in their respective fields for a combination of 35 years. Together our team can help guide you each step of the way.