Basement Renovations | Douglas Construction
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Basement Renovations

A basement is truly a blank palette that has endless possibilities. Finishing your basement can add more value per square foot to your home than any other remodeling project. Playrooms, office space, media room, custom laundry/mudrooms, added bedrooms and bathrooms are all great ways to increase the value of your home and improve the livability of your current space. Basements renovations face specific needs that should be addressed by a professional contractor. Moisture control is a common concern that needs to be evaluated in each specific home. Generally Basements are below grade and require different plumbing needs than a bathroom on a 1st or higher floor. Basements also usually store the engines of your home such as hot water heaters, oil tanks and HVAC systems. There are specific codes that much be followed to ensure that your basement is safe and that there is accessibility to these important appliances. Call the Douglas Construction Team today to have your basement evaluated by our expert.