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Financing Your Home Improvement Project: What are the Options?

Financing Your Home Improvement Project: What are the Options?

Whether you’re adding another room or simply upgrading your home’s windows, you’ll need a way to pay for the project. Before you decide whether or not you’ll do it yourself or hire a contractor, you’ll need to establish a budget and secure financing from a lender. While paying cash is often the most frugal method of financing home improvement projects, using your home’s equity or your own line of credit are also available to you.

Paying Cash

Pros: Eliminate interest payments and keep loans from haunting you for months or years.

Cons: Accumulating enough savings can be difficult to get your project done on time. No tax benefits or rewards.

Using No-Interest Credit Cards

Pros: Allows you to pay for small improvements or appliances without interest or savings. Easy to qualify for.

Cons: Expiration dates, high interest rates, and short payback periods can trap homeowners if balance isn’t settled in a timely fashion.

Personal or Unsecured Loans

Pros: Easier to qualify for than other loan types. Grants homeowners the ability to borrow privately. Loan amounts are higher than with credit cards. No processing fees or closing costs. Longer payback periods.

Cons: Unsecured loans often bring higher interest rates than with loans secured with your home, meaning you’ll pay more in the long run. Loan agreements can be confusing and convoluted. No tax benefits.

Secured Loans: Cash-Out Refinance, Home Equity Loans, and Home Equity Line of Credit

Pros: Leverages the value of your home against the loan, yielding better loan terms and higher loan amounts. Longer payback periods. Allows you to improve the value of your home without upfront costs or exorbitant interest rates. May be eligible for tax benefits.

Cons: Long payment periods mean you may be paying off the loan for as long as you own the home. Value affected by market fluctuations. Lenders sometimes limit the amount of loans you can have against your home.

No matter how you choose to finance your home remodel project, your best ally to ensure it comes through to completion on time and on budget is an experienced contractor. Douglas Construction LLC can be the construction partner you need. With years of experience in the home improvement and construction business, we’ve seen countless projects through from start to finish. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation on your next home improvement project!

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