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5 Things Your Home Improvement Contractor Wishes You Knew

5 Things Your Home Improvement Contractor Wishes You Knew

If you’ve never hired a general contractor before, it’s a little different than bringing on a painter or a plumber. A GC will be spending a lot of time in and around your home as the project progresses, meaning the selection process should be longer and more in-depth. However, when considering hiring a general contractor, it’s important to understand their perspective – and what they wished you knew before calling.

DIY Isn’t Always Cheaper

Thanks to the increased buying power afforded to home construction specialists and close relationships within the industry, sourcing materials and tools for your project is often cheaper through a general contractor. However, many GCs take advantage of this and overcharge on the cost of materials, so take a look at the price breakdown carefully and don’t be afraid to call around to their suppliers to make sure they’re staying honest.

Don’t Demolish

As freeing and expansive as removing a wall or other section of your home may be, it’s also extremely destructive, messy, and complicated. If your home is older and the building plans are inaccurate, demolishing part of your home may lead to structural damage elsewhere. Plus, the costs of building inspectors, permitting, and architects that come with a demolition may further delay your project and send your bill through the roof.

Be Patient

A job done right is always preferable to a rushed, shoddy project. And while milking the clock isn’t an acceptable outcome, it’s important to budget for unforeseen occurrences in home improvement projects. With such complex and delicate work, sometimes things just happen and it’s important to be prepared for slight delays. A good contractor will tell you what to expect upfront based on their experience with similar projects, so be sure to ask if they have references for their previous work.

Do Your Research

A home remodel should never be an impulsive decision. While some home remodel trends are considered evergreen and always in style, you should do research into recent home sales to see what buyers are looking for – and spending extra money on – in the home and real estate market. While you may not be planning to sell your home right away, it’s wise to make your improvements with a potential future sale in mind.

Choose Your Contractor Carefully

We can’t stress this enough – a quality GC is a homeowner’s best ally. DIY and handymen are nice for simple weekend jobs, but when it comes to a basement remodel, bathroom overhaul, or custom project, going to a professional is always the best option. Strike a balance between quoted price, project timeline, previous references, and experience when choosing a contractor, but don’t underestimate the power of going with your gut. After all, the contractor will be working in your home for an extended period of time. Choose someone you’re comfortable with and you’ll both have a great experience.

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