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4 Energy-Saving Home Improvement Projects to Save You Money

4 Energy-Saving Home Improvement Projects to Save You Money

If you’re like many homeowners, bracing for a painful energy bill as we emerge from the clutches of winter is a yearly occurrence. Combine that with tax season and spring tends to become an expensive time to own a home, but now’s the perfect time to take a hard look at your home’s energy efficiency capabilities and plan for improvements once summer arrives. If you’re ready to lower your energy costs in a smart and responsible way, consider these home improvement projects as a good starting point:

Correct Household Leaks

There’s no doubt about it – leak in your home’s exterior walls means that any energy generated within the home is being wasted. As air from your furnace or air conditioner escapes through cracks in your walls, windows, or doors, your system has to work overtime in order to replace lost air, and that can rack up a serious energy bill. You can check for leaks around the exterior of your home with only a candle – hold the flame near the edges of your windows and doors and watch for the wisp of smoke to escape through cracks. If it does, you’ve got a problem that needs to be corrected.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Most homeowners don’t consider their thermostat to be anything more than a simple tool, but in reality, it’s the centerpiece of your home’s energy efficiency. As it controls every aspect of your home’s energy generation, it’s important that it’s smart enough to recognize when your family is home, asleep, and away – after all, your energy needs differ based on a variety of factors, not just the outside temperature. While there’s no shortage of available, high-tech thermostats on the market today, we can’t help but continue to recommend the latest Nest model. It’s an expensive pill to swallow up front, but the savings over the years will more than make up for it.

Replace Your Doors and Windows

Even if your windows and doors still have a proper seal doesn’t mean they’re doing as much as they could be for your energy strategy. Triple-pane window glass is among the best, most energy-efficient upgrades a homeowner can make, but the key factor are the surrounding frames. Older windows have aluminum frames, which allows air to pass more quickly than wood or synthetic materials. If you’re unsure as to the quality of your windows, consult a contractor or a window installer for more insight.

Boost Your Home’s Insulation

Despite its limited day-to-day uses, your home’s attic is one of its best defenses against energy waste. Rather than using your attic for storage (or ignoring it altogether), your best option for increasing your home’s energy efficiency and protecting your roof is to insulate your attic. And while it’s tempting to roll out sheets of insulation yourself, the job’s not done until you’ve incorporated proper ventilation to ensure air and moisture doesn’t become trapped between your attic and your roof.

If you’re considering a move to a more energy-efficient home, the team at Douglas Construction LLC can help. With dozens of home and property improvement projects under our belts, we have the experience and expertise to plan and implement energy-saving home improvement projects to help ease your fear of energy bills. Contact us today to learn more about our process or to schedule a free consultation.

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